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Digital Guard Force

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I cut security costs WITHOUT cutting quality of security?

In-person security is expensive and suffers from human error that can lead to costly outcomes for property owners, tenants, and property staff. Security camera coverage can leave visibility gaps  and security guards have inattentional blindness when reviewing security monitors, leading to security lapses.

The DGF security solution augments security guards. Our AI-enabled platform turns each camera into a "smart guard", allowing your security guards to patrol much larger coverage areas, reducing costs.

Security guards who perform valuable customer service functions and maintain tenant relationships can be retained and promoted as valuable team members, while the core security functionality can be better managed by DGF.

Isn't the process cumbersome?

Property owners appreciate cost savings and enhanced operations. DGF offers both!

Our process is managed by DGF. We work with property management, ownership, and tenants to ensure a smooth transition to the DGF solution. Communication is important and all relevant stakeholders will be offered the opportunity to add input to the service package.

If you have existing camera infrastructure, the installation process can be quite quick.

DGF can manage the planning, installation, security system design, operation procedures creation, on-site guard training, etc. We manage the entire process - with your input - ensuring a smooth transition.

Are you a monitoring service?

DGF offers remote guarding services, which are significantly more robust than video monitoring.

Monitoring companies:

  • Watch video feeds like in-person guards
  • Typically lack advanced AI software 
  • Generally requires the retention of on-site guards
  • Cookie-cutter approach
  • Limited experience with larger commercial real estate projects


  • Complete replication of the duties of an on-site security guard
  • AI-enabled software to automatically detect security breaches
  • Doesn't rely on the human eye to detect breaches
  • Highly trained remote guards respond to incidents
  • Security ecosystem designed by a security veteran
  • Custom approach - every property is different
  • Deep knowledge of advanced commercial real estate security requirements
Will my tenants dislike virtual solutions?

The Covid-19 Pandemic accelerated technology-enabled solutions across the commercial real estate sector. Tenants responded favorably to digital and remote solutions for everything from deliveries to apartment/office space viewings to security services and remote concierge services.

The DGF solution was launched to a record number of properties in 2020 and 2021 and continues to be well-received by tenants.

The key to our successful rollouts has been communication and security efficacy. Tenants and property staff are informed of all changes and the nature of the new systems. The security effectiveness becomes apparent within days or weeks as our remote guards interact with property tenants, staff, and visitors.

What are your costs?

There are two components to the DGF service cost: the upfront infrastructure investment and the monthly service fee.

DGF is not a security integrator, though we will organize installation with your preferred vendor. DGF is incentivized to minimize the upfront costs through the use of existing camera infrastructure.

The monthly service fee varies by property and is calculated based on the projected alert volume and number of AI-enabled cameras.

In general, switching from on-site security guards to the DGF remote guarding solution will save anywhere from 25% to 72% of your security costs. 

How do I know if my property is a fit for DGF?

The DGF security ecosystem is best suited to large commercial real estate projects with on-site security guards.

Of all the properties in your portfolio, the best fit for DGF will be one of two profiles: 1) you have significant security expenses and would like to reduce them, or 2) you have security issues that aren't getting resolved.

A DGF security proposal is free and may be interested to review!

Is the technology proven?

DGF uses military-grade AI software that detects trespassing and loitering. The system has been utilized for years by companies and governments globally. The DGF AI software is based on computer vision technology that has rapidly advanced in recent years. Due to this advancement, the price point has lowered, allowing DGF to offer high-end security solutions for a wide variety of properties.

DGF clients include private equity real estate companies, owner/operators, real estate investment trusts, and corporate real estate owners.

Do you operate in my state?

The remote nature of the DGF service means that we operate anywhere within the U.S.

DGF guards properties from California to Florida to New York.

Click here to see a sample of locations served by DGF.

What about package deliveries?

The DGF security ecosystem can integrate with access control systems, allowing DGF remote guards to grant access to package delivery companies as needed.

Will my property value increase working with DGF?

Commercial real estate is valued based on a multiple of Net Operating Income. The DGF system allows property owners to lower operating expenses, thereby increasing Net Operating Income, and increasing the property value.

Assuming a 5.5% cap rate, switching the night shift from in-person security guards ($17 to $40 per hour) to the DGF solution can add $1m to $2m to a property's value - through a single line item change!

What if there is a serious security incident?

In the event of a threat to life or property damage, the DGF remote guards will be notified by the AI-enabled software. The guards will dispatch law enforcement immediately and direct them to the appropriate location at the property.

The automated nature of the AI alerts and the highly scripted operating procedures can lead to faster incident response times for serious incidents compared to on-site security guards alone.

Additionally, in the event of a serious incident, liability concerns generally limit the desirability of an on-site security guard intervention.

What if I have a small budget?

All DGF security proposals are customized based on the unique needs of a property and property owner. We can offer you a base service proposal that is cost-effective and enhances your security.

How do you assess security risks?

The first step of the DGF process is to generate a security assessment. An industry veteran reviews local crime statistics through third-party sources and analyzes property-level incident logs and known areas of concern.

This data is aggregated into a custom security solution proposal based on the unique needs of a property and the risks inherent in the real estate and location.