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Digital Guard Force

Better Economics

DGF’s remote guarding solutions can significantly reduce any facilities’ operational costs by eliminating or reducing reliance on security guards.

Better Security

Utilizing advanced video analytics and artificial intelligence through facilities' existing video surveillance infrastructure creates a powerful force multiplier of security resources by turning every camera into a proactive security guard.

Better Results

Highly trained remote guarding agents intervene utilizing two-way communications strategically located throughout a facility and can provide instant communication and deployment of on-site security resources or first responders, delivering rapid response without the risk or reliance of the lone guard.

Our Client Case Studies


A logistics firm kept cargo more secure while saving $200,000 annually in operational expenses.

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Mixed-Use Space

With eyes on the entire facility and remote concierge services, a mixed-use space was able to eliminate one of two on-site guards.

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Office Building

While an area around a cluster of office buildings continued to grow, DGF services delivered better security under a tight budget.

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Less Loitering

Without the cost and liabilities of an overnight doorman, a residential building saved $24,000 per year in operational expenses.

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A comprehensive security system from DGF helped a car dealership reduce theft and increase sales.

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Not only did a residential building save $4,000 per month, but remote guarding minimized loitering and false alarms.

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Remote guarding of a car dealership has successfully prevented two major theft initiatives and many others.

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Apartment building

Apartment building owners successfully keep up with tenant demands and increase profits without raising rent.

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Calculate your ROI with Digital Guard Force

An investment in Digital Guard Force is one with big benefits to your bottom line. To learn just how much more effective and economic DGF building security services are over traditional operations, use our ROI calculator.


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