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Better Economics. Better Security. Better Results.

With DGF you can reduce security guard expenses and deliver superior facility security by turning each video camera into a proactive security guard. Our security ecosystem reduces operational expenses and provides an unparalleled return on your investment.

Turn Security Cameras into Proactive Guards

Multiply the force of your existing security capabilities by tapping into the Digital Guard Force Security Ecosystem. We transform your existing security infrastructure with:

We leverage your existing video surveillance system, converting every camera into a proactive security guard.

Now that every camera has the ability to detect security threats, highly trained remote guarding agents monitor all alerts in our state-of-the-art remote guarding center.

Our expert team of former Israeli senior law enforcement and military security experts design customized operating procedures to deliver an integrated solution between the remote guarding center and onsite security guards and/or local law enforcement thus creating a smart guard security ecosystem.

The DGF Security-as-a-Service model (SaaS) ensures the technology is maintained and never obsolete.  We provide the latest innovations in analytics, facial recognition and other advanced proven technologies so you don't have to.

The combination of advanced video analytics and artificial intelligence converts unstructured video surveillance footage into smart, structured data that can be used to provide rapid forensic research and advanced business intelligence of your property.

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Digital Guard Force - Turn Security Cameras into Proactive Guards

Designed for the
Real Estate World

We use our 15 years’ experience in providing remote guarding solutions to the real estate industry, to design custom security solutions for your unique property requirements. Bottom line, we reduce risk, provide better coverage of your assets and reduce your overall security costs.

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